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Another Conceptual Sketch

28th Dec 2021, 12:00 AM in See Ariane's friends, fans and colleagues
Another Conceptual Sketch
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Author Notes:

Ariane Eldar 28th Dec 2021, 12:00 AM
Ariane Eldar
Pffft, another scene wih Anya (and Naomi) we trained for the show, but we didn't use the scene, as we went all Quadrophenia-quadrophenia in the end.

So vote for a poor-poor doom witch.

Theater Of The Bloody Tongue

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lirvilas 28th Dec 2021, 12:08 AM
Man Anya must feel underutilized she’s showing up over here so much!
Ariane Eldar 28th Dec 2021, 8:06 AM
Ariane Eldar
See, they all come to me for getting some love!
Microraptor 28th Dec 2021, 12:13 AM
Seems that you have to be quite flexible for this scene!!
Ariane Eldar 28th Dec 2021, 8:07 AM
Ariane Eldar
I'm very-very flexible.
Toorambunctious1 28th Dec 2021, 12:33 AM
Now that's a good way to getta spanking apparently says the lady holding the whip.
Ariane Eldar 28th Dec 2021, 8:07 AM
Ariane Eldar
My butty-but still hurts.
Toorambunctious1 28th Dec 2021, 3:01 PM
Hehehehe. Rofl
Toorambunctious1 28th Dec 2021, 4:14 PM
I just discovered that I really like the way soft tip past colored pencils. Make the graphics look. It really helps by making the images on my banners and avatars less blurry when I have to crop them down to size. Now I know what you guys meant. So expect better graphics when the first and second of January arrives. To see what I mean check out the comic profiles