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8th Oct 2021, 12:00 AM in Old and new comics from AEP
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Author Notes:

Ariane Eldar 8th Oct 2021, 12:00 AM


Toorambunctious1 8th Oct 2021, 3:18 PM
Cool .I liked how she looked all giddy .
Ariane Eldar 8th Oct 2021, 7:06 PM
Ariane Eldar
There are only few guys that manage to make me giddy-giddy.
Toorambunctious1 8th Oct 2021, 3:20 PM
But first of all ... I mean no offense. By this at all . What woulda "doom witch" dress up as at a costume party? Or would you just go as yourself?
Ariane Eldar 8th Oct 2021, 7:04 PM
Ariane Eldar
Pffft, I would dress up, of course. I would choose my costume depending on the theme and place, so it could be every-everything.
Toorambunctious1 8th Oct 2021, 3:21 PM
Because that sounds like an interesting thing to see.
Microraptor 8th Oct 2021, 4:40 PM
That some.... rather unusual example of taxidermy...
Ariane Eldar 8th Oct 2021, 7:05 PM
Ariane Eldar
Hihihi, I know some folks who would really-really like to have it.