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5th Feb 2021, 12:00 AM in The Zeppelin Will Rise Again
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Author Notes:

Ariane Eldar 4th Feb 2021, 4:36 PM
Ariane Eldar
Darlings, vote for your poor-poor Ariane on topwebcomics listing!
And I could really use some more-more subscribers...

Theater Of The Bloody Tongue

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Microraptor 5th Feb 2021, 12:39 AM
You're clearly doing it wrong if your meditating wakes up the neighbors...
Ariane Eldar 5th Feb 2021, 8:31 AM
Ariane Eldar
Hihihi, good there are no neighbours down there.
SchipLover 7th Feb 2021, 10:35 PM
Yep, all the neighbors probably moved out long ago.
Ariane Eldar 8th Feb 2021, 8:58 AM
Ariane Eldar
Pffft, they were rather intolerant of his shooting training, too.