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3rd Feb 2021, 12:00 AM in The Zeppelin Will Rise Again
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Author Notes:

Ariane Eldar 3rd Feb 2021, 8:43 AM
Ariane Eldar
Hey, Freaky-freaks and Doom-Devotchkas! Vote for your poor-poor Ariane on topwebcomics listing!
And have you noticed how few subscriptions we have? Any yet-another-you-know-what sitting on the potty all day for entertainment, drawn on a dumbphone by a toddler, gets more!

Theater Of The Bloody Tongue

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Microraptor 3rd Feb 2021, 1:13 AM
Varta's doll play set comes complete with gallows and noose!
Seems like something Timmy's ToyCo would produce... :-D
Ariane Eldar 3rd Feb 2021, 8:36 AM
Ariane Eldar
Pffffft, I wouldn't be surprised if she bought it there! Maybe there's more sinister-sinister shoggoth-poo going on behind my back!
lirvilas 3rd Feb 2021, 7:03 PM
admittedly Doll Peter makes a fine ornament
Ariane Eldar 3rd Feb 2021, 7:13 PM
Ariane Eldar
You mean for a xmas tree?