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6th Sep 2020, 12:00 AM in Reformation Trip
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Zero Hour 6th Sep 2020, 12:05 AM
Zero Hour
Nice finale, especially the parts about dancing rats XD
Ariane Eldar 6th Sep 2020, 7:10 AM
Ariane Eldar
Ritchie loved it, Peter... well-well.
Microraptor 6th Sep 2020, 3:00 AM
Don't be so negative, Peter!
Now you have particular acting experience that would be very advantageous for any casting call for the second most important role in The Nutcracker and the Mouse King!
Ariane Eldar 6th Sep 2020, 7:10 AM
Ariane Eldar
Hihihihi! I have to find away his costumes in the toyshop now... but the spell wont last forever. Wait, seven heads? That would be a really-really crashed healing spell...
jamie59 6th Sep 2020, 3:02 AM
Thought you had Keith Moon?
Ariane Eldar 6th Sep 2020, 7:08 AM
Ariane Eldar
Keith Moon left, as he had another engagement, but he stills hangs around in TOtBT!
lirvilas 6th Sep 2020, 2:24 PM
TRUTH: "everybody who already plays in a band doesn't have time to join another"

which could aptly be used to describe webcomics collaborations

or hiring good employees

or personal relationships

or any of a slew of other common conundrums
Ariane Eldar 6th Sep 2020, 2:41 PM
Ariane Eldar
Hm, relationships? I manage to have quite a lot of them the same time...
SchipLover 6th Sep 2020, 6:03 PM
Ménage à trois wouldn't even begin to come close to your relationships. Evil, Sexy Cultist (with cookies)!
Ariane Eldar 6th Sep 2020, 6:27 PM
Ariane Eldar
Sounds very-very pleasing to me!
zerothe3rd 7th Sep 2020, 11:10 PM
That was a fun story! Thanks for including Me and Cathrine in on the adventure!
Ariane Eldar 8th Sep 2020, 1:02 PM
Ariane Eldar
Haha! I hope you had fun, darlings!
zerothe3rd 9th Sep 2020, 2:04 AM
Oh yes! Always hilarious to see what you do with my actor persona!
Ariane Eldar 8th Sep 2020, 1:03 PM
Ariane Eldar
And I need some more votes! Don't forget your Ariane, darlings!