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Hallo Donald

27th Nov 2019, 10:15 AM in Old and new drawings, memes, etc.
Hallo Donald
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Ariane Eldar 27th Nov 2019, 10:41 AM
Ariane Eldar
Pffft, some people said that my Vampirella costume was daring, shoggoth-poo! They should have seen uncle Ernie in his Donald Duck outfit! Very realistic, spank me!
corneliusgoodfellar 11th Sep 2020, 5:24 AM
is that how he lost custody of huey, dewey and louie :D
Ariane Eldar 11th Sep 2020, 6:54 AM
Ariane Eldar
Hihihi, some say much too late, they already adopted his style of pants!